An unforgettably romantic night in the Riviera Maya

An unforgettably romantic night in the Riviera Maya

by Julieta del Toro

There is nothing comparable to a romantic dinner at the time when the brilliant sun displays its last colorful rays and sinks into the gleaming turquoise waters of the Caribbean. An environment of peace and tranquility surrounds you and your partner, and as day turns to night the moon appears in the dark tropical sky, illuminating the scene along with the flickering candles.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya invites you to enjoy this incredible experience, with a four course menu featuring exquisite dishes by our acclaimed chefs. Enjoy the affair in the privacy of your suite (from 200 USD) or on the beach (from 670 USD). Delight in a variety of options that range from succulent lobster and fresh seafood to rich desserts, accompanied by elegant wine pairings.

Your table on the beach is surrounded by tiki torches and decorated with candles and flowers. At your disposal are musicians, additional décor, and any other element that you would like to add to make this event magical. *

This evening is sure to be an enchantingly memorable experience.

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*additional charge applies