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Explore Tulum and Riviera Maya on an educational adventure with sea turtles

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The coast of Tulum, in Riviera Maya, Mexico, is known for being one of the most important natural sanctuaries for sea turtles. This unique ecosystem allows your family to enjoy an educational and enriching experience observing and learning about these fascinating creatures.

Through conservation projects, the aim is for you as a visitor to also learn about their biology and behavior to preserve these endangered species. There are programs in which you can contribute, either through donations or by participating in voluntary activities.

Their importance in the ecosystem

Sea turtles play a fundamental role in the natural balance of the oceans, as they control species populations through their feeding habits. For example, by feeding on algae and other marine plants, they control the excessive growth of vegetation on reefs and prairies.

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Likewise, their nesting activities contribute nutrients to the ecosystem essential for other species’ growth and survival.

Species of sea turtles in Tulum

The most common species that usually visit the coasts are:

Loggerhead sea turtle: It can reach impressive sizes and is known for its dark brown coloration.

Green sea turtle: the main characteristic is its greenish color and mainly herbivorous diet. They are also known to nest in large numbers.

Hawksbill sea turtle: This species has a shell with striking colors and a varied diet. Although their presence is less common, they can still be seen on nearby coasts.

Kemp’s ridley sea turtle: It is smaller in size and is critically endangered.

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The best places to observe turtles

If you wish to observe them up close and in their natural habitat, beaches like Akumal, Xcacel, Xpu-ha, and Tankah are key spots to witness this natural spectacle during nesting season.

You must travel from the Riviera Maya to Tulum to reach these beaches. Some travel agencies and hotels offer a wide range of tours to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. Many of these options include transportation back from Tulum to the Riviera Maya.

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Tips for responsible observation

To avoid disturbing the turtles or endangering their survival, some important tips include:

By participating in these turtle experiences, your family enjoys an unforgettable vacation in Tulum and Riviera Maya, Mexico, and contributes to protecting these endangered species.

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