Exquisite recipe from Riviera Maya: Tuna tartar

Exquisite recipe from Riviera Maya: Tuna tartar

Dining at Grand Velas Riviera Maya is a culinary tour of five gourmet restaurants, each with uniquely talented chef.

Please be welcomed to discover an authentic goumet experience that will delight your senses.

To bring a little bit of Grand Velas to your table, we share this simple recipe:



400 grs finely chopped tuna
60 grs boiled egg whites
30 grs chopped chives
1 pza  bell pepper
50 grs Paprika
50 mls Srirasha sauce
20 mls Sesame oil
20 mls Garlic oil
40 mls Lemon juice
30 grs Chopped ginger
20 grs Onion
1 pza Mango
30 mls mirin rice wine
30 grs White sugar
15 grs butter
15 grs Shrimps roe
5 grs Volcanic salt
12 pza Fried wonton

In a bowl add the tuna, white eggs, chives and bell pepper. Season with paprika, salt, pepper, lemon juice, oils and srirasha sauce, and leave aside.

For mango culis: Add in a casserole the butter, garlic and ginger until ingredients get a brownish color. Add mango and blend all the mixture with mirin rice wine, water, salt, pepper, sugar and strain. Serve an garnish with fried won ton chips.

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