4 Types of Glasses That Will Make You Look Amazing

4 Types of Glasses That Will Make You Look Amazing This 2016 Summer in Riviera Maya

Have you already planned where to go this 2016 holidays? There are things that you should not miss when packing, especially when taking care from your skin. Sun rays are more dangerous every day, and sunglasses have occupied an important space in our suitcases. Here, we have selected 4 types of sunglasses that will make you feel comfortable during your vacations.

Style: The Oxydo sunglasses are the ones reaching new heights in several countries in Latin America. Take a pair of these -they will turn hands.

Type: For those people that have a round face, the “cat eye” type is perfect for you since it will fit you perfectly over the checks, making them appear smaller. When wearing them, you will look attractive and jovial.

Comfort: For those who prefer something simpler, small lenses are perfect since they can fit everywhere from a beach bag to a wallet, or even your shorts pockets. These are perfect for oval faces.

Traditional: Classic lenses can’t be miss this summer. They are part of any girl accessories, they match with any type of clothing and are recommended for people with round faces, because they are wider than any other designs.

Sunglasses are more than just an accessory, they will help you against the UV rays when you are moving through the city during the day. In our next edition, I will tell you the best sunglasses to wear for 2016 winter.