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Jaws of The Caribbean

By Martín Luna

Winter in the Mexican Caribbean is something truly remarkable. And it’s not because of its unique climate this time of year. Before spring´s arrival when the seas are not quite as warm, the Caribbean receives a visit from some extraordinary creatures: the Bull Shark.

 From November to February, these enormous guests make their place along the coast of The Riviera Maya, something difficult to believe when we visualize this area with a constant human presence. However, since some years ago these sharks have been returning to the beaches of Mexico to rest and ultimately to give birth to their pups.

 Over time this species has adapted to the presence of man and today its possible to coexist underwater with them in relative safety; an adventure that will undoubtedly be added to people´s bucket list. There are very few places in the world that one can dive alongside these beasts without the need of a cage, making this extreme dive an instant favorite amongst tourists.

 Adrenaline and amazement are what is produced by these sharks, making this a one-of-a-kind encounter. Furthermore for those that dare, it leaves an awareness of how important they are for life on the reef. For expert guides an important element of the tour consists of changing our perception of the shark. Because although we often believe that they are just killing machines feeding on everything in their path, in reality they are simply one more species in the ocean and we are the invaders of their habitat, which is why we must respect them.

 Photograph them, appreciate their power and size, but most of all have fun with them. Take the opportunity to be attacked by these Caribbean jaws, since all that will be torn from you will be sighs of amazement after this wonderful experience.


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Photo credit:www.rodelrio.com

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