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Museum of Contemporary Art in the Riviera Maya

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If you are passionate about art and culture, the Museum of Contemporary Art Riviera Maya is the place for you!

The Museum of Contemporary Art is an organization founded on May 31st, 2007; its purpose is the dissemination, education and promotion of art and culture in all its expressions, attracting visitors and locals. It focuses on the enhancement of the Mayan culture and its connection with the environment.

Several openings are carved on the walls that lead users to experience the landscape and define a series of dynamic spaces inside, ideal for the display of the different pieces. Inside the museum, it is composed of a main house, the various floors are terraces that communicate with each other – which are intertwined and combine art with a cafeteria. The exhibition room and the lounge are located on the top floor, offering one the most beautiful views of the area.

The museum, besides being a beautiful architectural space, it is a refuge for the heritage of the region; serving a social function for the community and its visitors. The museum also offers art programs, contributing to the development of new Mexican talent.