The experience of swimming with a whale shark

The experience of swimming with a whale shark

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In the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, it is an impressive marine species that swims kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico to arrive this destination; it is popularly known as the world’s largest fish. Meet the whale shark, which inhabits these warm and tropical waters and which you can admire on a tour.

This animal is larger than a bus and its length reaches 18 meters. Its big mouth is eye-catching and is composed of small aligned teeth, through which they filter the water to ingest food.

It has an immense size with dimensions of a typical whale and is a very peaceful animal that doesn’t attack people. In fact, you can approach them peacefully, but with the guidance of a biologist and a special team that some companies offer you.

The whale shark is viviparous and although there’s no a precise data of their reproduction, pregnant females has been found, who have had up to 300 calves.

The best season for taking this tour is between July and August because it is very common to find from 30 to 40 whale sharks near the coasts. Prepare to jump into the water and enjoy this great experience at Riviera Maya!