Top animals you are gonna find in the ocean of Cancun

Top animals you are gonna find in the ocean of Cancun

Things to do

The coral reefs in Cancun are home to hundred of fish with different colors and size. It may scare you to think about the ocean and see the first thing that comes to your head and that’s probably a shark. But relax, the scary and killer sharks are not in Cancun, they are in very cold waters. Changing the subject, these are the top animals you are gonna find in the ocean of Cancun:


If you snorkel or dive a little deeper than the seashore, there is a big chance you are going to see at least one turtle. Mainly species of turtles in Cancun are Hawksbill, Green turtles and Loggerheads. The turtles are here from may to september to put their nests, the best thing you can do is to watch them and maybe take a picture close to them. If you come across their nest, leave them so they don’t get damaged. These species are endangered, the government and ocean volunteers are protecting them.



When you find a barracuda fish in the ocean, it may look scary because their teeth are big. But don’t worry you can not get bitten by them, just be careful and don’t get too close to them for caution. The size of the barracuda can be up to 1.80m, they swim really fast but if you see one, it’s gonna be very quiet staring at you! This may sound like a horror movie but relax, you are 10 times bigger than a barracuda.  

Brain Coral

 You will see tons of them in the reefs. The Brain Coral is probably the most striking coral in the ocean, it is named like that for obvious reasons!


This is one of the most beautiful animals in the ocean. The stingray swims with a lot of style and looks calm, their faces look like they are happy because of their mouth. Be careful with their defense attacks. I recommend you to look at them 1 or 2 meters far.



This fish with bulging eyes and pretty look, has a particular body that protects them but does not let them swim fast. They are different colors, normally very stricking, that is the way their predators can be warned their are poisonous creatures.


 The shape and texture of this fish specie is beautiful, it is one of the most popular and loved animals for ocean lovers. If you travel to Cancun and look closely between the corals, you may find more than one.


Angel fish

 A very colorful fish. If you swim in the night and see an angel fish, their colors will look like a phosphorescent flashlight.

Surgeon fish

 If you love the movie Finding Nemo, this is the one!!! Yes you are going to see it and many times. There are many colors that the skin of the fish can be: blue, orange, yellow and even black. When you see one, don’t forget to take a picture and show it to your friends!

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