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Whale Sharks arrive on the Caribbean Coasts

The whale shark, also known as the “domino” shark, is the largest fish in the world, measuring from 5-15 meters and weighing up to 10 tons. It is distinguished by circular white spots on most of its body and because, unlike many sharks, it is not dangerous to humans. Whale sharks feed mainly on plankton and are highly protected by the government in an effort to preserve the species.
Costas Caribeñas de Mexico
Between the months of May and September, whale sharks visit the northern coasts of the Yucatán peninsula in search of food and mating partners. They migrate from the Atlantic Coast to the Central American Gulf to finally meet between the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Holbox is one of the main places where these amazing sea creatures congregate to carry out their activities. It is a spectacular Mexican island whose name means “black hole” and it is conveniently located for tourists, just 10 km from the Yucatan Peninsula.
This is the perfect season to observe, enjoy and learn about these animals!
For more information about Holbox and whale shards, visit www.yucatantoday.com.

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