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Essential travel apps for your next trip

Apps have bridged the gap between the not so pleasant tasks that involve planning, packing, and perhaps finding the best travel deal, which all play an essential part in making our journeys all that more enjoyable. Here are a few must-have apps that will make your new adventure one for the books. 

For organization

Packing is usually the most daunting mission of all, as we may tend to forget to pack the small essentials. PackPoint is the app that helps you separate everything you will need by dividing each item into categories—a real headache reliever—as you can now pull up the list and check everything right off! By following a few simple steps, it will notify you of what to pack when going to the beach, a formal dinner, or a bike ride.

Do you plan on visiting more than one city on your next trip? Usually, that involves hopping on several flights as well as sleeping in multiple hotels. To stay on top of everything, TripIt will be your ally in storing your information. This application will design an itinerary based on your confirmation emails—maps included—as well as send you notifications about the car you rented, flight delays, and even your dinner reservations.

Making more than one stop can be draining on the body, especially if it involves a long wait at the airport. But what if you stayed at a VIP lounge while you wait? LoungeBuddy is an application with a prepaid system that gives you access to 170 premium lounges. Just scan to see what airport lounge is located your layover stop, pay, and enjoy! 

Time to explore!

One of the most authentic ways to get to know a place is by traversing on its public transport, and coming to terms that you might get lost is something you have to grasp from the moment you set foot in your new destination, thankfully Citymapper is here to help. This app will give you a map of all the bus stops, subway lines, and other means to get around.

It’s very common to stumble upon multiple souvenirs, food markets, or other goods that advertise their prices in local currency. Luckily, using your fingers is no longer a necessity as XE Currencyhas made it easier to convert more than 180 currencies in just a few steps. Just remember to update it before leaving your hotel, so you have a more precise currency conversion.

One of the goals when traveling to a new destination is by immersing in the history of the region. Civitatis will give you the means to connect with more than 30,000 activities and guided tours in 900 destinations around the globe. You can also receive various discounts when booking through their app! 

Post-travel syndrome

When you travel to the other side of the world and indulge in unique experiences, your body won’t feel the drastic change of schedule. But as you return home, jetlag will start to kick in, striking you with a ringing headache, mood swings, and even insomnia. Timeshifter will create a calendar around your schedule, that will notify you when to take a nap, when to expose yourself to the light, among other activities to help you restore your schedule.

During your trip, you seize to capture every moment with a quick snapshot, but due to the detachment from your cell phone, you may forget to share your latest stop on social media, let alone editing and giving your photos a special touch. Snapseed is a very easy to use app that provides an array of utilities that range from brightness adjustment and clipping, to stain removers and filters.

Are you just getting back from a trip and are already planning the next one? Don’t worry, we avid travelers tend to do the same. Thankfully, Skyscanner will get you closer to your next adventure. This app will make several price comparisons of flights, hotels, and car rental, and will also send you notifications on the best prices available. 

These tools are a must-have in your travel arsenal as they will make your life a whole lot easier before, during, and after your trip. All that’s left is to discover the world!

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