How Major International Airports Value Passengers’ Time

How Major International Airports Value Passengers’ Time

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Looking at it from the outside, international airports are these grand establishments that share the deafening sounds and somewhat satisfying sights of airplanes, as well as the conflicting emotions of its passengers. As years passed by, these landing fields have developed amenities, services that make people’s lives a little bit easy. Huffington Post contributor, Melanie Lockert, even shares a plethora of tips and travel hacks only airport insiders know.

As much as possible, airports all over the world look to provide utmost convenience to every man, woman, and child. From something as basic yet oftentimes problematic as airport parking, these terminals always have or find a solution. Take Heathrow Airport, for instance. Aside from investing in the overall improvement and expansion of its facilities, this London airport welcomed the services of parking aggregators. Alternatively, for passengers who are commuting to Heathrow. Parking4Less suggests the fastest way is to take the Express, while the cheapest is via the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground.

Another meaningful development is the availability of retail stores inside. A lot of major airports these days are akin to large shopping malls. Travel website, Insight Guides, even has a rundown of some of the world’s best airports for fashion retail. Passengers-cum-shoppers have last minute splurging options at high-end stores such as Gucci and Michael Kors boutiques at the Dubai International Airport. There are also a ton of airports that present practical and affordable fashion finds.

To take things a step further, since half of the time airports are portals that separate people from their loved ones, these establishments have made it a point to reconnect them through the wonders of food. Basically, airports nowadays have raised the bar when it comes to serving the most delectable dishes from some of the greatest minds in the business.

Celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Cat Cora have already ventured in the airport restaurant business with their brainchildren Plane Food and Cat Cora’s Kitchen, respectively. Ramsay’s has an all-day dining concept that gives a taste of some savoury British cuisine. On the other hand, Cat Cora’s Kitchen successfully compensates the lack of a full kitchen with simple and classic favourites including the best-selling edamame hummus and potato chips with blue cheese dip.

In terms of representing their respective countries vibe, Australian, Japanese, and Argentinian airport restaurants may be at the top of the list. Sydney Airport’s Terminal 2 has MoVida, a Spanish-themed tapas bar that serves homemade pastries, mouth-watering charcuterias, and of course specialty tapas. Narita International Airport is the not-so-surprisingly site of a restaurant that offers some of the country’s best signature cuisines in Sushi Kyotatsu. Lastly, Ezeize International Airport in Buenos Aires has La Pausa, a cosy bistro where travellers enjoy Argentine delights like grilled bife de chorizo and four-cheese gnocchi.

These days, international airports aren’t just simple gateways to a city. They’ve become more, establishments that reflect and represent what a country has to offer. Whether by means of showcasing a bevy of shopping options, or serving up the best dishes, or even providing convenient alternatives for parking, these airports definitely know how to value passengers’ time.