10 clubs that will be a challenge for you this Easter

10 clubs that will be a challenge for you this Easter

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I’m sure you’re looking for party and fun this Easter; I won’t get tired of saying that in these matters…places that are in or close to the beach are the best options. The mixture of the night and the warmth of the coast create a perfect environment to enjoy staying up late and having a blast.

If your plan is to visit the Riviera Maya and you don’t have any idea of the best clubs, here’s a list of the 10 clubs that will challenge for you this Easter:

Coco Bongo



Let’s start with one of the most mentioned clubs in different networks and is positioned between the two best ones in TripAdvisor. You can find it in Cancun (in the hotel zone) and in Playa del Carmen, in the downtown area. Best quality shows, good music and the best in drinks and facilities make it a club that you cannot miss in your Easter itinerary. I recommend making reservations ahead of time since it’s usually overcrowded.

Mamita’s Beach


Not exactly a club, it is a beach club; but I include it because you must go and take a look at it. Imagine to party having fun with your friends on the beach, with sand on your feet and the sea in front of you.




This is one of the most popular clubs in the area. I promise you’ll have one of your best nights ever as it offers an amazing atmosphere, good service and the best music. It is located in Playa del Carmen, in the 1st. Avenue.

Los Danzanteslos-danzantes-600x450


In this club you will enjoy a beautiful view because it is oceanfront. It is located in downtown Playa del Carmen. It is a restaurant bar with a great atmosphere; you can find mezcal from different parts of the country and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

La Santanera11232028_10153255187328339_6876578321593146500_o


This place is defined as a club-bar, where you can enjoy electro-tropical music. It has an outdoor terrace and a club, where the DJ will not let you rest for a moment. In the first floor, there is a snack bar to start your night. In this place the party ends until 5 in the morning.




In this club the dress code is a bit formal it has a fancier atmosphere. It is located where it used to be the Brahma, and it’s a favorite of locals and visitors.




Located in downtown Playa del Carmen; you will taste unique drinks. It was one of the first places I saw the famous glass jars “Mason Jars”. The atmosphere and music are excellent; This place is perfect for pregaming.

La Vaquita02


If you want to party and let out all the energy in a club, this is the best option. There’s one in Cancún and one in Playa del Carmen, ladies do not forget to get on the swing you can get a very good picture for Instagram (watch dresses and miniskirts).

Red Queen


No cover and very unique because of its decoration; all the lighting is red and it’s decorated with pipes. It features an outdoor wading pool and a very good sea view. Opened until 2am and it’s located a few steps from the Fifth Avenue.

Blue Parrot



On the seashore, every year a terrific electronic music festival takes place: the BPM in which theme parties are organized, foam party, “ladies’ night”, among others.

Don’t waste your time go and enjoy all the club life in Riviera Maya. Plan your own tour and take into account what I just shared with you, actually you will find many more and for all tastes.

Photo credit: MBeachclub, Mandala, LaSantanera, Palazzo, Abolengo, Vaquita

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