Health and wellbeing on Mayan grounds. Only at Velas Resorts Mexico

Health and wellbeing on Mayan grounds. Only at Velas Resorts Mexico

by  Manuel Calderon de la Barca

In these times, during the perpetual search for natural healthcare alternatives, returning to the roots of traditional medicine is a wonderful option. For this reason the Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, awarded Five Diamonds by AAA and located in one of the most sublime destinations in Mexico, has created a means to escape the world of stress and enter into a uniquely profound experience. The treatment faithfully follows the customs of the great Mayas and is administered upon the very earth where this emblematic culture was nourished.

The Spa at Grand Velas, named Best Spa in the World by Virtuoso, offers the Mayan Shawl Treatment within its Journey through Mexico Collection. It is an ancestral massage technique applied in a pure and natural environment, and achieves an incomparable emotional connection in which relaxation and self-healing activate the metabolism.

Spa treatments in Riviera Maya, world class Spa

Spa treatments in Grand Velas Riviera Maya, a world class Spa

In traditional Mayan medicine, blankets and shawls are used to adjust the vertebral column and alleviate back pain. Medicine women use them to “adjust” and turn a baby in its mother’s womb if it is not in the correct position at the time of birth; they are also used to close the shoulders and hips to alleviate the pain experienced by women weeks after giving birth or even years later. The blankets or shawls are tied strategically around the waist to help push the baby or around the arms and shoulders to align the spine by stretching.

During the heavenly Mayan Shawl Treatment at Grand Velas, expert therapists work outward from the vertebral column to provide relief to different areas of the body. Through the use of shawls, movements and stretches from one side of the body to the other, tension and accumulated emotions are released, resulting in an immediate sensation of relaxation and freedom. The massage benefits the entire being- physically, chemically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Spa at Grand Velas, a Leading Spa of the World, invites you to experience this thousand-year-old treatment. Time seems to stop and cares melt away during the 80 therapeutic minutes in which you are immersed in a relaxing and peacefully magical ancestral experience.

Built amidst the lush jungle that embraces the resort, the Spa covers a space of over eighty thousand square feet.  Enjoy contemporary design and Mexican art in one of 40 luxurious Spa cabins, as the Mayan Shawl Treatment eliminates contractions, tensions, “knots” and sprains, as well as aligning the vertebra and correcting the posture.

Proudly fusing cultural heritage with incomparable Luxury All Inclusive service, Grand Velas Riviera Maya and its world-class spa are synonymous with exclusivity and relaxation.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya is part of the Velas Resorts Mexico family.
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