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5 cenotes to visit in Riviera Maya

Visiting Riviera Maya is a unique eco-tourism experience and a delight for all nature lovers, especially for one of its hidden treasures that await buried in the jungle, the cenotes in Yucatan.

You probably have already added on your itinerary cenotes, thrilling water parks next to the jungle, archaeological sites and other nearby attractions that you do not want to miss on your next trip to Yucatan. However, when you have so many great options it can be difficult to narrow down to the best one.

Here are 5 cenotes in Riviera Maya guaranteed to connect you with nature and inject a much-needed dose of adventure on your next trip!

Chac Mool

Located on Highway 307 or better known as the Cenotes Route, just 22 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, this shallow cenote is ideal for beginning divers.

To reach this amazing cenote you will have to descend via a rock staircase. Together with the warm climate, sweet and salty waters, the vibrant wildlife and walls full of stalactites, this cenote guarantees an experience unlike any other.

Cenote Chacmool en Riviera Maya

Siete Bocas

Also located on the Cenotes Route, this place is ideal for a secluded and peaceful adventure due to its low visitor count. Its name refers to the seven respirators or entry points it holds, which allow access, as well as touring it from various points.

Its aquifer system of almost 492 feet and its underground channels represent a special journey for diving enthusiasts. We recommend you bring your own equipment since its rustic and natural touch it lacks sufficient infrastructure.

Siete Bocas cenote located in the Cenotes Route in Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya
Photo by Mente Urbana


Located 30 km from Valladolid, this is the perfect option for ecotourism lovers. The adventure can begin with a tour of the archaeological site of Ek Balam, which is just over a kilometer from the cenote where you can later relax in its refreshing jade waters.

The indigenous Mayan community responsible for caring and managing this region offers a variety of attractions such as hiking, a camping area, cabins, zip line, rappelling and resting areas. Without a doubt, this is the best option for a weekend escape.

Xcanche cenote located in the archaeological site Ek Balam in the Riviera Maya in the colonial city of Valladolid in Yucatan
Photo by Al Interior del Estado


Its waters emerge from an underground river that when it reaches the surface it provides a turquoise blue hue, while in the areas closest to the surrounding jungle exhibit a bright green color.

Due to its proximity, shallow depth, numerous colored birds and the jungle that surrounds it, this cenote ideal for families. You can reach it by taking a taxi from Puerto Aventuras and drive the federal highway for 5 minutes until reaching kilometer 266.

Blue cenote located at kilometer 266 near Puerto Aventuras in
the Riviera Maya
Photo by Playa del Carmen Blog


Recently discovered in the colonial city of Valladolid is this cavernous 128-foot high cenote which has three openings that allow the entry of sunlight to irradiate its beautiful blue waters.

This cenote has a distinguished atmosphere, ideal to unwind and spend a day away from the crowded tourist hubs of this region. Its tranquility makes it a great space to indulge in gastronomic activities or apicnic with local ancestral delights.

Chukum cenote located in the Riviera Maya in the colonial city of Valladolid in Yucatan
Photo by Traveler

Now that you know about this exceptional selection of the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya, we guarantee that your next trip will be full of unique experiences and incredible memories in nature.

By Luis Arellano

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