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5 Tips to Enjoy Fishing Tours in Cancun

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With one of the Mexican Caribbean’s most scenic landscapes, Cancun is perfect for people who are just starting out fishing as well as those with plenty of experience. The Riviera Maya has been a paradise for fishing enthusiasts for a number of years, with the “Arrowsmith” site being one of the most frequented hot spots.

Today we are going to provide you with five tips to help you enjoy the tours and save you from a few inconveniences.

A good breakfast before heading out

Many people believe that by not eating before their fishing trip they can prevent seasickness during the journey. It is recommendable to eat something light to avoid the nausea caused by an empty stomach. You can also take a pill to prevent seasickness, in order to enjoy the incredible landscape that awaits you.

Wear a hat

The Caribbean sun is relentless, and combined with the reflection off the water, it burns you very quickly. A hat can help you prevent sunburn and will also protect your eyes and the back of the neck. It’s best to wear one during the tour in order to avoid going home with a bad memory of the trip.

Stay hydrated

The sun may not be very friendly to you if you don’t remain hydrated all along the way; drink lots of water and a few of the beers included in the fishing trip.

Use sunblock or long sleeves

Using a product that has at least SPF 50 will keep you protected against a sunburn that could ruin your remaining vacation days. If you want to get tan, look for a product that protects against UV rays. There is also the option of wearing a long-sleeve neoprene suit or rash guard that covers your skin; although the fishing boat has a shaded area, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the fun of catching a fish.

Take lots of photos!

As you enjoy the afternoon sailing the seas on a luxurious boat in search of the perfect catch, document everything in photos. You’ll have a great time and the best thing is to have record of those memories that will undoubtedly make you want to return to Cancun.

We hope to see you again soon!

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