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A day trip to Crococun Zoo

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Would you like to enjoy the exotic Riviera Maya’s wildlife? Think no more! Crococun Zoo is the perfect family-friendly place for you.

Crococun Zoo opened in 1982 and it has become the ultimate place for spending a family day out.  Crococun Zoo’s mission is to rescue the region’s fauna while giving you the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of wildlife in a 75-minute guided tour.

This zoo will make your family vacations a unique experience! You can touch, feed and carry a vast variety of animals that live in Riviera Maya; including macaws, alligators, whitetail deer, spider monkeys, rattlesnakes among many others – most of them in full freedom.

Walk the paths of a beautiful tropical vegetation where you will appreciate crocodiles in their different growth phases; from the smallest in ponds to the  the largest specimens. Get to know the beautiful zoo’s history which is narrated by one of the bilingual guides of Crococun Zoo, furthermore enjoy different shows.

One of the most exciting attractions that  Crococun Zoo offers is to visit a troop of spider monkeys, which you can appreciate and interact with in full freedom. You can also feed them with small banana pieces that hang in the trees they inhabit.
Do not miss the opportunity to live this experience in Riviera Maya’s Crococun Zoo which is located on the 307 Highway (relatively near from Puerto Morelos) and it is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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