An environmentally-conscious fashion event that honors the great Mayan culture: “Tzolkin, the 13 moons”

An environmentally-conscious fashion event that honors the great Mayan culture: “Tzolkin, the 13 moons”

by Manuel Calderon de la Barca

This celebration pays homage to the ancient culture of the Riviera Maya and showcases the styles of Mexican designers, in an event that seeks to promote awareness of environmental consciousness. It will take place on Saturday August 13th, and is supported by the Tourist Commission of the Riviera Maya.

The new “Tzolkin, the 13 Moons” event will be held in the Riviera Maya, paying homage to the  Sacred Calendar of the Maya, or “Tzolkin”. The presentation will allow spectators to learn a bit about the rich and beautiful Mayan culture and its calendar of 13 moons, by taking us on a journey from past to present through the four elements.


For the Mayas, “time is art”. A glorious setting, interesting subject matter and wonderful performances enhanced by the presence of special guests will make the representation of the “13 Moons” something extraordinary. The Moons will be played by women who have made a name for Mexico in contests such as Miss Universe, Miss World and Nuestra Belleza Mexico; the characters of the moons will come to life in a space dedicated to fashion!


The Moons will be wearing the exclusive creations of Mexican designers, made especially for the event. With a 100% Mexican team of producers, designers and performers, this will be a showcase of the talent of this country as well.  

Tzolkin 13 Lunas @ Riviera Maya 

“Tzolkin, the 13 Moons”, is the brainchild of its producers Monik Macías and Karla Kadena, inspired by their concern over the state of the environment on a worldwide level. Their goal is to encourage action on the part of businesses and foundations and create a culture of sustainability.


They hope to have a social and cultural impact that modifies our ways of living and thinking, inspires us to care for our planet earth and promotes environmental consciousness. The event invites small and large businesses to encourage the use of sustainable energy, and the government to support the green cause. This environmentally-conscious message is inspired by beauty, art and culture, making “Tzolkin” a forum for reflection and change.  



“Tzolkin, the 13 Moons” will take place at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa Riviera Maya on Saturday August 13th, and is supported by the Tourism Commission of the Riviera Maya, Innov ‘Eco Acoustic Project, Fundación MUSE, Mario Nucamendi, and the Mexico Travel Channel on the program “Turismo de Moda”, or “Fashionable Tourism”, which has 15 million national and international viewers. 


The event will also be broadcasted by different national media such as “Encadénate con el Caribe Mexicano” with Oscar Cadena on Sky and Canal de las estrellas in Latin America, Galavision, Europa and more organizations that support for the Green Movement.


“Tzolkin, the 13 Moons” cannot be missed! The beauty of the natural environment and the artful creations of Mexican designers will captivate the audience and inspire the preservation of our most important resources. Held in the most prestigious tourist destination in Mexico, it is a call to live in the present, the here and now, to remain alert, establish peace, free ourselves from fear and live in harmony.

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