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Cenotes you can’t Miss when Visiting the Riviera Maya

By Haydé Escalante

Traveling to the Riviera Maya Tulum, Akumal or Playa Del Carmen– and you keep hearing the word ‘cenote’? These natural wonders are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and exploring the region’s ecosystems with your family.

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First of all, what is a cenote? Cenotes are natural freshwater sinkholes formed in the limestone and granite of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Riviera Maya has an impressive underground river system whose roof has collapsed, over the years and in certain areas, to expose or partially expose the gorgeous cenotes. Today they are places to swim and explore; a unique phenomenon in Mexico. If you are touring the highway looking for cenotes, entrances are normally identified by the name each cenote has been given.

Here on the Riviera Maya Travel Blog we have compiled a list of a few of the top cenotes to visit when visiting the Riviera Maya. Best of all, they are all in one place: Xenotes Oasis Maya.


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K’áak’ – Fire Xenote

This cenote allows for a full connection between the currents and the jungle. Here you can appreciate a beautiful, vibrant landscape. Climb aboard a kayak and you can glide through the waters, enjoying this Mayan treasure to the fullest.

Ha’ – Water Xenote

A cavern cenote, this freshwater well offers beautiful underwater flora and fauna. What makes it so unique is the gorgeous marine life it contains, surrounded by the greenery of the jungle. Enjoy this amazing ecosystem!

Lu’um – Earth Xenote

This young cenote is semi-closed and an excellent option for those who enjoy rappelling. If you like adventure and a dose of adrenaline, this is the perfect experience. The gorgeous setting, full of lush plants, creates the perfect environment for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Lik’- Wind Xenote

This is an old cenote which means it flows much more slowly. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to relax and enjoy Mother Nature. Its zip lines over the jungle also make for an incredible visit.

Fun Facts about Cenotes:

  • There are approximately 6000 cenotes in Mexico, but only half of them have been discovered.
  • Some cenotes have a blend of salt and fresh water.

For more information feel free to send us your questions, leave your comments in the area below or visit Xenotes Oasis Maya.

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