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Explore Your Own Road in Riviera Maya

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When you ride a bike in Mexico, you do more than just moving around. Cycling today, besides being an excellent exercise, is an activity that expands into new territories. It is eco-friendly, perfect for free minds and a great way to travel and meet people.

For this reason, more and more people seek to conquer the Riviera Maya on two wheels. Firstly, because there are several roads to ride. Secondly, because with a bike you can find a road to a new adventure. Maybe you are looking for an excuse to avoid this idea, but you have a huge advantage in the Mexican Caribbean: the territory is completely flat.

Your level of expertise doesn’t matter, there is a bike ride waiting for you! Here we share some routes so you can find your own way.


Level: Easy

This is a residential and hotel circuit located next to the famous Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen. To explore it on a bike is very easy and relaxing. There is a safe bike trail, which takes you to several beach clubs, a shopping plaza and small archaeological sites. It is not uncommon to have an encounter with the wildlife of the area (or someone attractive) along the way.


Level: Easy

One of the new attractions of this small town is its biking trail. On your bike, you can tour the entire hotel zone with restaurants, bars, gorgeous hotels and exclusive beach clubs. Let the pedals take you to the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.


Level: Easy

This archaeological site hosts one of the most impressive pyramids of the Mayan world – a ballgame and different structures with much history. The problem is that the city was so massive that the resorts have a considerable distance between them. Although, some people walk around, it is a better idea to bike –it’s faster and easier, plus you will experience a thrilling ride!

Sian Ka’an

Level: Intermediate

This tour is ideal for those who really want to test their skills and patience. Between Tulum and Punta Allen there is a gap that runs through the nature reserve; a difficult tour but worth it. Prepare to see pristine beaches, wildlife crossing areas (where you can see from crocodiles to manatees) and roads where you ride in between the sea and lagoons.


Level: advanced

This is one of the world triathletes’ favorite destinations. The road that interconnects the whole island offers a track of over 40 miles. This route is not recommended for people who are new to cycling.

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