Don't forget these five crucial items before you set off travelling

Don’t forget these five crucial items before you set off travelling

If you’re heading off travelling, you’ll be well aware of all the excitement and adventure that awaits you. But what people talk about less, understandably, is the preparation needed beforehand. As well as arranging visas and any necessary vaccines ahead of time, you’ve got to think about what you’re going to pack. When it comes to packing for travelling, there are some things you won’t want to leave behind – here are five crucial items:

  1. Electronic copies of your important travel documents


Although you can’t technically pack this first item, it’s equally essential to remember to create electronic back-ups of things like your passport, insurance, visas and flight details. There’s little point in printing out two copies. The modern way to keep these documents secure is to scan them and upload them to the cloud. That way, you can access them anywhere in the world.

  1. Your smartphone


If there is one device that’ll help you out in loads of situations, it’s your smartphone. Not only is it your way of connecting with friends and family at home, you can use it as a camera, touch, guidebook and map.

Take a portable charger with you too, and arrange an affordable data plan with your provider. Alternatively, get your phone unlocked so you can put local SIM cards in as you go, as advised by Nomadic Matt. You won’t regret it.

  1. Flip-flops

Now for something a little less high-tech. Flip-flops will be your go-to shoe throughout your travels. Whether you wear them in hostel showers, on the beach, or whilst you wait for a connecting flight, they’re an easy and comfortable choice of footwear – especially in warmer climates.

  1. A lock

A lock

It’s no good remembering all the crucial items you need for travelling and then forgetting to keep them secure. When you’re travelling, you might be an easy target for petty crime.

But there’s an easy way to decrease the chances of someone stealing your stuff. As The Dummy’s Guide to Packing a Theft-Proof Backpack points out, locks prevent theft. So get yourself a back that locks securely. You’d be surprised how many people neglect this simple step.

  1. Clothes you can mix and match

travel tips to packing

There’s a reason lots of travellers dress in similar clothes. It’s easier. The main thing when you’re packing your clothes is that they go with each other. It’s the only way you’ll get more wear out of each item. You won’t want to be carrying around stuff you’ll never wear.

As the Secret Traveller points out, it doesn’t matter what clothing you choose, whether you’re into the hardcore traveller gear, or you prefer the suave and sophisticated look, just make sure they can easily be mixed and matched with each other.

What do you pack when you go travelling? Share your recommendations with us.

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