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Fulvio Ferretto
Mikel Alonso and Xavi Pérez
Michel Mustière

Meet the most acclaimed chefs in Riviera Maya


Riviera Maya is distinguished for being a paradisiacal world-class destination because of its several characteristics: turquoise sea, archaeological sites and impressive cenotes. However, it is little known about the vast gastronomical offer that it has, and all the extraordinary chefs in the destination.

To cook is a form of art and in Mexico is an emblem of our culture. In Riviera Maya you will meet renowned chefs recognized for their passion to their job. Here you will find a list with the most acclaimed chefs in Riviera Maya.

Michel Mustière: Member of the group Maîtres Cuisiniers de France” and expert in French cuisine, has developed excellent culinary works in this country. One of his passions is the “molecular cuisine”, a new way of mixing science to gastronomy; it creates new textures and flavors on people’s palate. You can taste his culinary delights at Piaf in Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

Fulvio Ferretto: Italian by birth, Fulvio prepares the finest Italian dishes and enjoys leaving his experiences in the diary of his kitchen. Recognized by his work in gourmet restaurants and important participation in international festivals such as the “Festival Gourmet Internacional” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Taste his cuisine at Lucca restaurant in Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

Mikel Alonso: As a good chef, his desire is to please every member of your family and transform a normal dining experience into a spectacular event. The Chef Mikel Alonso leads a contemporary cuisine that is distinguished by its meticulous scientific investigation: Cocina de Autor. If you consider yourself a gourmet lover, delight yourself with elegant prepared dishes and refreshing drinks. His vast gastronomy can be found at Cocina de Autor in Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

Xavi Perez Stone: Apprentice of Mikel Alonso. Its culinary cuisine is flawless and creative, it can be tasted at Cocina de Autor; he uses traditional ingredients for the creation of his delights.

Meet the most acclaimed chefs in Riviera Maya, and enjoy all the resorts and hotels awarded by tourist magazines and critical travelers around the world.