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The Lionfish,an exotic 100% Mexican dish

The Lionfish,an exotic 100% Mexican dish

Although the consumption of this fish is little known in contemporary gastronomy, the Lionfish is positioning itself in the palates of gourmet cuisine lovers. Since its discovery in the beautiful turquoise waters in Riviera Maya, it has inspired many chefs to produce a wide variety of dishes.

The Lionfish meat has a high nutritional value, which makes it attractive to tourists and residents of Riviera Maya. The Yucatan Peninsula has held cooking contests which main ingredient is this fish, which added to meals has improved the taste of our dishes. We recommend consulting qualified establishments (fisheries), or go to gourmet restaurants, where they already prepare this splendid fish.

We want to share with you a recipe to taste this delicious fine dish.

Leon fish with chocolate

Author: Melissa Guadalupe Rivero Castro, winner of the “VERACHEF 2013” contest.



In a pan, sauté the chopped mushrooms and season with salt, a sprig of thyme, and oregano. Sauté the onion and when is golden, add the flour, wine and four tablespoons of fish broth. In another saucepan, place the fish, cut into medium cubes, and season. Seal it and then cover with grated chocolate. Add the sauce mentioned above and lime juice; let simmer. Serve with croutons of fried bread and garnish with parsley.

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