Heaven is in Cozumel

Heaven is in Cozumel

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Has anyone ever promised to take you to heaven or the stars? Something that seems impossible, right? Well, apparently in the Mayan Riviera it’s not.

Cozumel is a beautiful island, one of the eleven municipalities of Quintana Roo; it is located 72 kilometers from the coast of Cancún. With over 700 square kilometers, is the third largest island in the country. It is a paradise for diving or snorkeling, because when diving their waters you will find thousands of corals, flora and fauna.


One of the attractions that most caught my attention while reading about Cozumel, is “El Cielo” (Heaven). What is it? It’s a strip of white sand on the southern tip of the island, which belongs to a natural protected area. It is known as “heaven” for its turquoise waters that make possible to see the thousands of starfish that live there.


Starfish are a type of marine animals; which skeleton is formed by calcium carbonate, the same material as corals. Usually, these animals have 5 arms, but actually there are more than 1,800 different species.


Heaven is located 800 meters from the coast of Cozumel and the way to get there is sailing. In the coastal beaches like Palancar or Colombia Lagoon, you will find small boats that offer to take you for a small fee, and they also provide all the necessary equipment to see the starry sky at daylight.

Now you know where to take that special person the next time you promise heaven and stars; Cozumel gives you a hand to make it happen!

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