Contoy Island Eco-Tours Immerse Travelers in an Untainted Paradise

Isla Contoy Eco-Tours Immerse Travelers in an Untainted Paradise

A protected national park & wildlife refuge since 1961, Contoy Island is a tiny tropical sanctuary for 152 species of birds, endangered sea turtles, & some of the friendliest manta rays you’ll ever meet – with a limit of just 200 visitors each day.


Behold a Tropical Sanctuary on Contoy Island Eco-Tours

A little-known “secret” island north of Cancun, few spots on Earth feature as vibrant an ecosystem in such a small area as this national park. Deemed an integral wildlife refuge and protected by the Mexican government since 1961, only 200 visitors are permitted on Contoy Island tours each day, run by a select number of educated guides.

Why is the Island So Exclusive?

Contoy Island

Biologists around the world – including the team in residence on the island itself – revere Contoy Island as the most important sea bird nesting spot in all of the Mexican Caribbean, home to 152 species (including the mind-boggling frigate bird, capable of flying non-stop for up to two months) on a stretch of land that’s barely 5 miles long. Not only that, four species of endangered sea turtles nest here as well, every April-October.

How to Spend Your Time on the Island

While tours of Contoy tend to be fairly organized, you’re sure to have at least a little free time. Whether presented by your guide or explored on your own, the most popular activities and attractions include:

  • Swimming with Manta Rays
  • Snorkeling Ixlache Reef
  • Taking Biologist-Guided Tours
  • Visiting the Underwater Museum
  • Exploring the Pier & Visitor Center
  • Climbing the 20-meter Watchtower
  • Feasting on BBQ Fish Tikin-Xic
  • Birdwatching Lagoon Trips
  • Walking the Island’s Paths
  • Resting on the Beach
  • Buying Souvenirs

Book Your Tour Today

Contoy Tour

One of the most reliable ways to book your wildlife refuge getaway is through Viator. Their Contoy Island Day Trip runs just $99-$109, including a continental breakfast, open bar, a bountiful Yucatan lunch buffet, snorkeling, guided tours, and birdwatching (so don’t forget your binoculars).

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