Isla Mujeres Carnival, the Most Spectacular Event in Quintana Roo

Isla Mujeres Carnival, the Most Spectacular Event in Quintana Roo

Things to do

Ready to experience the Isla Mujeres Carnival? You will be able to enjoy contemporary and modern regional dances and unique local crafts. This carnival is organized every year in the paradisiacal destination of Isla Mujeres. From February 8th to 12th, visit the Rueda Medina Avenue, where you will contemplate all the artistic activities that we have mentioned.

The traditional parade, also called “Fiesta de la carne”, is enjoyed by locals and visitors; they will contemplate exciting shows, creative contests, in a program divided into 4 parts:

Coronation night: The king couples and their troupes are presented to the public with original costumes designed by artists from the region. Also, children with disabilities and the elderly are crowned and wear majestic attires in the gala evening.

Fantasy Night: It consists of play the music of the allegorical cars with the different troupes that roam the streets of this destination. In addition, they will present different carnival performances, costumes contest, and kings’ show, among other activities.

Cuban Night: The most acclaimed event by travelers due to the variety of musical rhythms, such as mambo, salsa and popular Cuban dances; tourists join this celebration to feel the regional culture.

Juan, The Carnival: it carries out the representation of the “Negrada” with wigs and black paint on the houses. In addition, it exhibits rumbas; men and women participate in this party.

With this program, you will surely enjoy your next vacation to the Caribbean. The Isla Mujeres Carnival is 8 miles from Cancun and it offers, besides cultural events, tourist attractions surrounded by the exotic Mayan nature. If you come to this event, share your experience in the space below.

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