L’Aquarium in Playa del Carmen Plunges Visitors Under the Sea

L’Aquarium in Playa del Carmen Plunges Visitors Under the Sea

The newest place to dive into the Caribbean won’t even get you wet. Opened in late 2016, L’Aquarium brings 200+ species of tropical sea life to Playa del Carmen, including manta rays, eels, jellyfish, live coral, anemones, leopard & nurse sharks.

L’Aquarium in Playa del Carmen

Dive Into L’Aquarium in Playa del Carmen


L’Aquarium, Calle 14 Nte 148


11am-pm, Daily


$15 USD

Vacationers in the Mexican Caribbean usually want to spend as little time indoors as possible. The sprawling, $16 million aquatic wonderland of L’Aquarium is bound to change that, located on 14th Street, between 5th and 10th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. A perfect place to enjoy a few hours underwater without getting wet, the newest aquarium in Riviera Maya is actually the third largest in all of Mexico, pumping 7,000,000 gallons of water through its tanks daily.

Over 200 Species in 45 Immersive Exhibits

New Aquarium in Playa del Carmen

Creatures at L’Aquarium are given the royal treatment, while sharing their recreated worlds with visitors from across the globe. Features include a massive central tank with a walk-through tunnel full of manta rays, nurse sharks, leopard sharks, eels, and thousands of tropical fish, a colorful jellyfish room, hands-on tide pool with starfish, unique cenote exhibit, mirrors and mazes galore. Guests are also welcome to watch dolphins swim, seahorses dance, snakes and neon sea anemones feast throughout the aquarium.

Conservation is the Heart of it All

Perhaps the most breathtaking aspect of L’Aquarium is the abundance of live coral flourishing onsite. In addition to the beauty these priceless life forms bring to the aquarium, the real reason they’re grown here is for reintroduction into the Caribbean. This dedication to conservation fits the character of Riviera Maya as a whole, providing an educational, eco-friendly source of family-friendly entertainment in harmony with the environment. Rain or shine, stop by and see for yourself the next time you’re on 5th Av.

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