Life's a Journey-Fall in love Cozumel

Life’s a Journey-Fall in love Cozumel

Travel Tips

Enjoy the sun and sand of the magnificent blue-tone turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, which bathes the incredible scenery along the coast of Quintana Roo.

Cozumel is a nature island composed of limestone rock itself, which comes from the reefs. Their sinkholes formed by filtered water were produced by the limestone over thousands of years.
This area can be explored through activities like swimming or snorkeling and diving, giving you the opportunity of seeing different marine species. The island is about 48 km from north to south and 14.8 km from east to west, making it the third largest island in Mexico, after Tiburon Island in the state of Sonora.

Cozumel Island is characterized by large tracts of virgin land, because all the hotels are to the west, while the north, central and east part have been preserved.
The Cozumel Reefs National Park surrounds the island in the south and is one of the main attractions for divers. Another important tourist site is the National Park and you can snorkel through rock formations; also it has a botanical garden with regional plants.

To the south, you can visit the South Point Lighthouse and Laguna Colombia, a totally ecological park where there are mangroves and a tower to observe crocodiles, 220 species of birds, giant tortoises and iguanas. To the north, you can visit Punta Molas Lighthouse, which can only be accessed by car; we suggest bringing everything you need to spend a day relaxing on the beach.

In San Miguel de Cozumel -a typical Caribbean village with colorful buildings, you will find shops of jewelry, perfumes, handicrafts and products for aquatic sports, plus a wide variety of restaurants and bars.
You can get there by taking the ferry in Playa del Carmen.

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