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Living near the sea in Cancun: What are Blue spaces and what are their benefits?

Much has been said about green spaces and their positive impact on physical and mental health, which are many, but living near the sea brings far more benefits than the evident laid-back feeling and the sensation of letting go. If you are exploring the option to live in Cancun, you will find this article interesting.

 Vela Towers

Have you heard of blue space and its benefits

Blue spaces refer to water bodies like seas, coastlines, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls —and even fountains—, and their positive effects have been studied for at least a decade by scientists, leaving a good amount of research on this matter behind. Conclusions are convincing: Being by the water is good for your body and your mind. Just to name a few of these conclusions:

  • People who visit or live by blue spaces say they feel happier
  • More intense physical exercise is undertaken in green spaces. But, studies have found that being close to the water helps prevent illnesses like cardiovascular conditions, obesity, and cancer, as it increases the likelihood of exercise.
  • Living near the coast can have particular health benefits and is associated with more frequent use of the water and more physical activity.
  • Proximity to the coast provides restorative experiences, as the soundscape by the sea reduces the “mind’s noise”.

What about the benefits of living near the sea?

Breathe Cleaner Air

Air is cleaner by the sea, as the large particles of sea salt in the air attract the smaller water droplets that form around air pollution particles.

Increase your Vitamin D levels

Being by the sea instills a desire to enjoy the outdoors, meaning you are absorbing sun rays. The body uses ultraviolet rays from the sun to manufacture vitamin D in the inner layers of the skin.

Improve your physical health

Again, the natural beauty of ocean landscapes inspires to kick the sand, and to get physical. If you add to the equation that moving in water coupled with breathing in the cleaner air, you have a winning combination. 

Helps to sleep better

The gentle cadence of the water is relaxing, and taking a coastal walk improves the quality of sleep. 

Can be an aid for depression and anxiety

Being near the ocean is restorative and uplifting, it promotes dopamine production. It can actually calm your nervous system as you inhale the sea breeze and listen to the gentle, soothing lapping of the waves.

What do you think? Are these reasons good enough to make up your mind and finally make that dream of living by the sea a reality? You may want to take a close look at this project by Grupo Velas —creators of Velas Resorts luxury hotels— in Cancún, the vertical development Vela Towers. It’s like having the best of two worlds: resort-like amenities and beautifully appointed spaces in one of the most prestigious areas, and scenic views of the sea just a few minutes away from the Caribbean. Among the amenities that you will find are a swimming pool, adults-only pool, Sky Bar, gym, spa, paddel court, gardens and green areas, pet park, and kids’ area.

One final tip: Take care of your new environment

Being in touch with nature contributes to becoming more aware of our own health, and thus, we are prone to take care of our environment as a precious source of well-being. A virtuous cycle you wouldn’t want to break, so please consider these easy tips to maintain your blue personal paradise-to-be as beautiful as it is right now:

  • Avoid flushing strange articles into the WC
  • Stop pouring fats, oils, or grease down the sink
  • Take your litter with you after visiting the beach
  • Make sure you use a bag to dispose your doggie doo
  • Never pour waste liquids or throw litter down surface water drains
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