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Mexican Fiestas and their charm

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved Mexican parties. I think they’re easy to enjoy no matter your age, and they make me recall fond memories of my childhood. During my last summer escapade I had the opportunity to go to one that made me feel Mexico on my skin (as they say) and in my heart.

I traveled to the Riviera Maya with my family and stayed at Grand Velas, one of the best All Inclusive resorts I have been to; their service and attention to detail is nothing short of excellent, and their activities program has something for all ages, so there’s no time to get bored! One of those many activities was the Mexican party.

Fiesta mexicana en Riviera Maya

Celebrate Mexico with all the senses

Why do I find Mexican fiestas so exciting? For the pride I feel in being Mexican and in the richness of our culture, traditions and art; from the culinary art to the regional dances and the songs the mariachis play. At fiestas, all Mexicans can express their happiness in being part of the joyful spirit of their people, of the legacy left behind by ancestors over time. And it doesn’t matter the time of year; being Mexican is a year-long celebration, but now that Independence Day is here, the feeling truly emerges from the heart of the country.

Baile regional de México

That special night we met in the Zen garden, a clearing in the middle of the Mayan jungle with a huge ceiba tree in the center. The decoration with strings of lights, cut paper designs, and Mexican motifs inspired man guests to get the perfect ‘selfie’. The food stands reminded me of the fairs I used to go to as a child, with roasted corn on the cob, cups of corn, tacos, marquesitas – the traditional crunchy crepe-like treat of the Yucatan Peninsula, with your choice of filling–, quesadillas and much, much more.

The esence of a country

Once on stage, the mariachi and dancers from different states of this beautiful country gave me goosebumps: I felt privileged to have been born Mexican.

The evening went on with typical games like canicas, (marbles), lottery, a mechanical bull and many others that you’ll find at fairs, like bullseye, where I won some ‘panchollars’ that I exchanged for beautiful handmade souvenirs (and some more snacks).

Baile típico de México

I also really enjoyed watching the foreign guests admire all the color and the many kinds of art; I think the resort’s support of local artist is an honorable effort to preserve traditions and bring a bit of Mexico to guests – that, coupled with the warm hospitality, was an exceptional experience.

Baile regional mexicano

My favorite part? The adorable pajareros or birds of luck – usually a trained canary, a typical attraction at fairs, that my grandfather used to like. One handed me a piece of paper with its little beak, that read: “A trip awaits you soon”.

Pajarito de la suerte en Riviera Maya

I just hope this next trip brings me back to the Riviera Maya.

Verónica Toro

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