Mexican Independence Day in Playa del Carmen is a Treat for Everyone

Mexican Independence Day in Playa del Carmen is a Treat for Everyone

All of Mexico parties into the morning of Independence Day on September 16th, as “Fiestas Patrias” festivities start the night before in the heart of Playa. Be sure to bring an appetite, thirst for cerveza, & dancing to celebrate through sunup.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Playa del Carmen

Mexican Independence Day in Playa del Carmen is a Treat for Everyone

Red, green, and white. The colors of the Mexican flag are everywhere this time of year – in twinkling lights, decorating parks, garlanding buildings and cars, lining the streets with everything from hats to pinwheels. That’s because September is the month of Mexico, our Mes de la Patria, in honor of Mexican Independence Day on September 16th.

So Much More than Cinco de Mayo…

Many outsiders mistake our May holiday for our Independence Day. While Cinco de Mayo is in fact a special holiday, the 16th of September is actually so much more. It marks the date in the year 1810 that Miguel Hidalgo called his countrymen to arms against the Spanish in the city of Dolores, ringing the bell as he cried, “¡Viva Mexico!” That morning began the Mexican War of Independence, lasting until August 24, 1821.

An All-Night Party in the Heart of Town


Want to take part in Mexico’s most patriotic party of the year? Simply head to Playa’s main square across from City Hall (Parque 28 de Julio, between 8th & 10th Streets and 15th & 25th Ave) on the afternoon / early evening of September 15th. Here you’ll find vendors selling a bountiful array of traditional antojitos, or Mexican finger foods, soups, stews, and candies, as well as punches made from fresh-squeezed juices, exotic fruits, nuts, and spices. Of course, you can always grab an ice-cold cerveza from one of the many bars or tuck away in a restaurant for the national stuffed poblano, walnut cream and pomegranate dish, Chiles en Nogada. No matter what you do, be sure to wear red, green, and white so you fit in among the revelers dancing to mariachi music, shouting “¡Viva Mexico!” with fireworks at 11pm, and partying into the night.

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