Purify your body with the Temazcal in Riviera Maya

Purify your body with the Temazcal in Riviera Maya

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Those who have had the opportunity to visit a Temazcal, will not let me lie: these places are unique and the experience resulting leaves benefits for the body not only at a physical level, but it also helps to heal the soul and ease the mind.

The word ‘temazcal’ goes back further in time to the Nahuatl ‘temāzcalli’ [temaːsˈkalːi] which means “house of steam”. The word speaks for itself: it is a small building structure usually made of rocks and mud in the shape of circular domes. In ancient times healing ceremonies held in this sacred enclosure had medicinal and purifying purposes.

The building has 4 essential components: the entrance that has the symbolic meaning of a mother’s womb as one is supposed to give birth once to a new self after the ceremony; bathroom (of no more than 8 ft); the burner where wood is set on fire and bonfire where the water is heated.

As heritage reads, after built, temazacals have to be given a name, and a special festivity revolves around the so-called ‘baptism’. Fireworks are included, emulating the ancient celebration performed to honor Teci, The Lady of the Temazcalli.

Traditions from the Mayan culture are still followed and many curative rituals are offered nowadays. Some of the places that have built their own within the area, are:

Temazcal Natural
This establishment is committed to ecotourism practices and deliver exceptional experiences. The journey starts with picking up the excited tourists at their hotel leading to Playa del Carmen (either leaving from Cancun or Tulum). Upon arrival, a shaman begins a  purification ritual; Shaman asks the 4 elements for permission to celebrate the ceremony. At the end of the ritual, people are invited to gather around the Temazcal.

SacBe town
An ecovillage where people live in harmony with nature around; their homes are built with natural materials like stones, wood and mud. Temazcal sessions take place in buildings alike and people who have had the luck to enjoy this ritual, say that is a truly epic experience. A must-try.

Cancun Temazcal
According to experts in this topic, this is the best temazcal in Cancun. Many years of studies and preparation, together with vast experience lying behind the people that run the temazcalli have earn Cancun Temazcal many certifications and recognitions that award the service offered.

Xcaret park is another of the many places within the Riviera Maya that have this service available for visitors and travelers attracted by sacred rituals from other cultures.

The ceremony is a journey in itself, but celebrating it surrounded by tropical lavish jungle scenarios takes it to the next level. Riviera Maya is an exceptional venue for living this experience.

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