Quiet Days of Puerto Aventuras Adventure Are Not to Be Missed 

Quiet Days of Puerto Aventuras Adventure Are Not to Be Missed

Venture 30 minutes south for an even more relaxed taste of Mexican Caribbean adventure, as Puerto Aventuras welcomes travelers with treasures at the area’s only shipwreck museum, its first golf course, world-class diving, & renowned sport fishing.

Slow Down with a Day in Nearby Puerto Aventuras

Located halfway between the lively streets of Playa del Carmen and tour magnet of Tulum sits this quaint recreational reprieve. Known for its quiet streets, close proximity to the reef, welcoming marina, the area’s only Shipwreck Museum, and first golf course in Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras lives up to its name – the “Port of Adventures.”

CEDAM – Shipwreck Museum

Punta Celis & Bahia Xcacel

If you have children who love pirates or you’re at all interested in shipwrecks and treasures lost at sea, this small, informative museum is certainly worth a stop. Admission is FREE / donation-based, and the collection includes a number of items salvaged from a ship that sunk nearby in 1741 (coins, canons, glass, jewelry, etc.), along with Mayan artifacts also discovered underwater.

Superb Sailing & Sport Fishing

Puerto Aventuras is regarded by the world’s top anglers as the best place to set sail in the Mexican Caribbean. Needless to say, a number of local providers will be more than happy to captain your day on the water – or you can rent a boat and hit the waves yourself. Just remember, one of the perks of letting someone else steer the ship is that locals know the best places to fish, as well as where all the secret Mayan ruins and cenotes are hidden.

Just 100 Yards from the World’s 2nd Largest Reef

The vibrant Mesoamerican reef beckons divers and snorkelers alike, right offshore. Hundreds of nearby fresh water cenotes and river caves offer uniquely Yucatan diving as well, with experienced guides for whatever adventure you choose.

Home to Riviera Maya’s First Golf Course

No visit to Puerto Aventuras is complete without golfing the famous 9-hole course, rife with breathtaking tropical scenery and exotic wildlife like monkeys, parrots, and iguanas.


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