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Sea Turtles in the Riviera Maya

Tortugas Marinas Liberacion

One of the most amazing occurrences in the Riviera Maya is the arrival of giant sea turtles on our beaches, where they make their sandy nests and lay their eggs. In cooperation with the Federal Sea Turtle Conservation Program, we provide activities that support rescue, rehabilitation, nest-marking and release operations. We care for the turtles from the moment they arrive on our beach until the hatchlings are released!
The release activity involves the participation of our guests and staff. This creates an unforgettable opportunity to view these amazing creatures up close, in addition to increasing awareness of the importance of this endangered species.
Education is provided to our security personnel, focusing on proper beach protocol during nesting season. We are then able to monitor and protect the sea turtle nests, have our beach patrols locate turtle landings, measure turtles, transfer eggs to the hatchery and record data. The culmination of these activities is when we are able to release healthy baby turtles to make their way to the sea, increasing their chances of survival in the open ocean.
We have signs that detail our recommendations for guests with regard to sea turtle activity:

  • Do not leave lounge chairs behind on the beach.
  • Do not leave behind any kind of trash- it could be harmful or dangerous to turtles.
  • If a turtle arrives to nest, please allow her to do so undisturbed.
  • Please do not use flash cameras and avoid handling or picking up the turtles. They like to feel
  • protected and safe while nesting and returning to the sea.
  • The hotel staff will gather the nests and eggs, and take extra-special care of them in a nursery
  • where the baby turtles will hatch
  • Please do not use flash lights to see turtles on the beach. Turtles have very sensitive eyes.
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