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Street Food in the Riviera Maya

ceviche-riviera maya

By César Lerma

Edited by Haydé Escalante

Translated Nyima Bieber


If you visit the Riviera Maya, go out and you explore the city and taste the typical street food this region has to offer.

The Riviera Maya is internationally known for its unique cuisine, which has its roots in Mayan and Yucatecan cuisine but has also been influenced by other countries such as Spain.

The principal ingredient of most of the dishes is corn, along with different types of chilies. The region’s representative ingredients are also used in the preparation of desserts like buñuelos de molde and vientos, sweet tamales, sweet camote , caramel, quince ate , campechanadas or banderillas, coffee flan, sweet zapote, chongos zamoranos, guavas in syrup and amaranth cookies.

If you visit the region, try these four Riviera Maya favorites:

1 – Cochinita pibil: shredded pork marinated in achiote, usually served in tacos- this dish is sensational!

2 – Lime Soup: made ??with shredded chicken, lime juice and tortilla chips- a simple but delicious dish.

3 – Ceviche: typical of coastal areas, the wide variety of seafood available in the Riviera Maya makes for higher quality ceviches with exceptional flavor.

4 – Fish Tacos: you can enjoy delicious grilled, breaded or battered fish tacos.

To accompany your meal there’s nothing better than a traditional drink from the region. The Riviera Maya offers options ranging from classic aguas frescas prepared with seasonal fruits to drinks made of maize like pozol, atole and the even-more traditional Xtabentún, an anise liqueur.

Don’t hesitate to get to know this magical place and its incredible cuisine!

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