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The Land of the “First Times”

Things to do

The feeling of overcoming a fear and something you’ve never experienced before, is one of those feelings that makes life worth living.  Remember all the mixed emotions that come after the first words of a baby, the first ride on a bike or the first kiss. In Riviera Maya, these feelings ambush you at every corner. Here it is possible to find many activities that will make you face something unknown for the first time. We share, what we believe are the top 5.

  1. Time travel

The ancient buildings that are in the southeast of Mexico will make you feel like they transport you to the Prehispanic Maya World. In this region, you will find the major cities of this ancient civilization.

  1. Fly

Can you imagine seeing the beautiful scenery of the Caribbean from heaven? You can make it possible by practice skydiving in Playa del Carmen. It is true that this activity can be performed on almost any part of the world, but with these views … good luck with the search.

  1. Travel to the center of the earth

Diving is one of the most searched activities of this tourist destination, but to practice it in a cenote is a unique experience where you can explore the real heart of the peninsula.

  1. Change your name

If you like to enjoy the party until nobody recognizes you, you will love it here. The nightlife in the Caribbean is vibrant and full of surprises.

  1. To fall in love

You may find or meet someone special during this trip, trip for you or not, but for sure, you’ll find in love with Mexico, its landscapes and the warmth of its people.

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