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Adventureland: Isla Mujeres

Things to do

Isla Mujeres is one of the most fascinating adventure destinations in the Riviera Maya. To reach the island, you must travel to Puerto Juarez, which is located only one hour (72 km) north from Playa del Carmen.

Already in Puerto, you can hire a transportation service to go to the island; locals who served as guide. They take you on boats that despite being modest provide a comprehensive, entertaining and service at a fair price. In addition to the transfer, the locals have a bit of history of Isla Mujeres. They say that the island was in a strategic position for Mayan sailors, who in the post-classical period (between 900 and 1521) constructed a lighthouse to help navigation.

Also Isla Mujeres was a shrine to the goddess Ixchel (goddess of weaving, happiness, moon, abundance, medicine and most important of fertility) and young Mayan women, who made the passage from childhood to maturity, gave away woman-shaped figurines. Likewise, the island was a shrine to the goddesses Ix Chebel Yax, Ixbunic, and Ixbunieta.


It is known that the island was discovered in the second decade of the sixteenth century, in an expedition led by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. The Spaniards after finding such figures decided to name it “Isla Mujeres”.

Once you have arrived at the small island, you can enjoy of free time (about an hour). That time can be used to rent a scooter and toured around. Meet the whole island, takes, no more than an hour.

Subsequently the locals take you to a reef for snorkeling; There are several options, one of the most popular is the reef “The Cuevita”, where you can see countless fish, the sunken ship and, of course, the wonderful coral reef.

After midday and having finished the snorkeling tour, the guide will take you to Playa Tiburon, where they will cook for you “Fish Tikinxic”, a typical dish from the region, whose main ingredients are achiote, orange and it is cooked on the grill – note that the guides are excellent cookers and this dish is a real treat.

While they cook for you, you have the option of visiting the hatchery, located 500 meters away, where you can see and interact with different species of turtles. You’ll also find lobsters, stingrays, sea shells, starfish, seahorses and exotic variety of fish. At the end of your, the food will be ready.

After the recess, the guides will give you a span of 30 minutes of relaxation before embarking on the journey back to Puerto Juarez. Usually it happens right at the sunset time, which gives you the opportunity to really capture beautiful images.

Definitely a great experience that you cannot miss out.

By Alfredo García