Tips for buying air tickets at great prices

Tips for buying air tickets at great prices

Travel Tips

As a traveler, we all seek the best prices and we try to choose the most convenient according to our budget. Here are some excellent tips when purchasing your airplane tickets:

Find out the rates per day: Perhaps, you have figured them out; it’s a fact that to travel on Monday and Saturday is more time-wise, but more expensive. Friday and Sunday are the business days -great for taking advantage of the weekend. If you are looking to find a great deal, try Tuesday and Wednesday.

Know the best time to buy: According to a report published by Airlines Reporting Corporation, the best day to buy a plane ticket is Tuesday. Explanations vary, but apparently, this is the approximate time when the airlines launch bids to improve flight occupancy .

Check alternatives: If you don’t find the offer you want and is a long-haul destination; search for flights at secondary airports.

Enroll in loyalty programs: If you are a regular traveler, you can enjoy special offers in loyalty programs. Some airlines offer their own charge cards, with which you can earn airline miles every time you buy tickets.

Subscribe to newsletters: You can receive special and exclusive offers every certain time.

What do you think, are we missing an important tip? Share your thoughts with us.

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