Velas Fish Treatment

Velas Fish Treatment

By Manuel Calderón de la Barca

Grand Velas Riviera Maya is a resort that always seeks to surprise, delight and pamper guests by being at the forefront of trends in service. On this occasion we present the Velas Therapy with Fish, a thousand-year-old treatment that breaks the mold of any traditional treatment.


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This treatment with fish has existed since ancient times and its origin is found in faraway Turkish lands. In fact, legend says that many years ago a shepherd, after injuring his foot, washed himself in a pool of thermal waters. Miraculously, small fish in the pool drew near to him and nibbled at his wound, helping him to heal quickly.


To begin the Therapeutic Velas Fish Therapy, Grand Velas receives you with an incomparable welcome ritual, in which your feet are washed after being submerged in a basin of water infused with healing essences and flower petals.


Your feet are then placed in an aquarium containing small fish known as Garra Rufa, a species of finger-sized carp that gently feed on the dead skin cells of your feet.  


And then, magic! The dead skin accumulated on the surface of your feet is completely eliminated. The Garra Rufa fish tend to go directly to the heels or the region where the highest quantity of dead cells is located, before cleaning the areas around the toes. The most amazing part is that they act without harming healthy skin.


Contrary to what we might think, these fish do not have teeth and cause no harm. They actually produce a natural enzyme with curative and restorative properties that is transmitted to your feet during the treatment.


Simply allow yourself to be pampered by placing your feet in the aquarium and allowing the little fish to do their job. At the beginning, the sensation feels like a gentle tickle, but results in complete softness that will last for days. 


The therapeutic Velas Fish Treatment lasts 50 minutes; enjoy 25 minutes in the aquarium with the Garra Rufa fish followed by a 25-minute relaxing and hydrating massage.


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