Welcome to Wonderland!

Welcome to Wonderland!


Maybe you’re wondering why am I welcoming you to Lewis Carroll’s wonderland? The one that taught us many things and gave us Alice, The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and other characters. My answer is: because Mexico has many wonders that are even better than Alice’s fictional world.

Now, I show you some places on Mexican Riviera Maya, that look like make it with magic or part of a fairy tale.

Lagoon of seven colors



This magic touch of different colors is possible thanks to the sunshine and the distinct deeps of the soil. These waters are perfect to scuba and snorkel.

Turtle land



Akumal means “land of turtles”, is the favorite place of this specie to spawn. Spend time with the turtles… they are selfie lovers!

Natural pool

grand cenote

The cenotes are something incredible. Someone have a door that looks like a part of a fantasy movie.

Journey in time

Quintana Roo, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Archeological Zone 1 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0406


The new movie of Alice is about the time. When you travel through archaeologies zones of Riviera Maya, you can translate to the antecedent period; also you can participate in a Maya ritual.



To 24 meters down to earth find this incredible place, here flows a secret river. In additional you can see a crystal museum, is full of stalactites and stalagmites.




This place is so curious, is on Cozumel; here is possible see the stars in the heaven out of sea… how? Exist a bank of starfish and the white sand as bottom, is completely like the sky.

Be a superhero  


On Riviera Maya you can acquire superpowers: from fly, practice flyboard and parasailing; transform in a triton or mermaid, and breathe under the sea, and other.

Subaquatic museum


An attractive of Riviera Maya, who leave you open-mouth, is Musa, located on Isla Mujeres. The museum have some art works that were placed a few meters of the island, and is a artificial reef to the sea life and like a amazing visual show.

The best parties

Discoteque Coco Bongo


Like Alice, here you can live crazy parties, with clubs and bars that compete with the best in the world.


Is no necessary run with the white rabbit; here, you have all the time you want and have to enjoy the amazing places. Only you must make your baggage and travel to this place full of wonders!


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