Achiote and Chaya, spices of the Riviera Maya

Achiote and Chaya, spices of the Riviera Maya



The way to someone’s heart is through their stomachs -the saying goes. It is well known that good food captivates diners, whilst the opposite only keeps foodies aside. In Quintana Roo, Riviera Maya’s gastronomy is rich and one can be sure to find a variety for every taste.

The Mayan culture is one of the most ancient in America, and this culture was pioneer in many topics, and kitchen is not the exception. Nowadays it represents a great influence on the Riviera Maya’s gastronomy, with spices like achiote and chaya which are so sought after within the zone.

The Mayan left a great culinary legacy to the world and actually, chaya is used in medicine and cooking and the plant is very easy to find in the surroundings. Achiote, on the other hand, can be found throughout the Caribbean and South America and it is generally used as a pigment and its seeds are used in the kitchen.

Some of the most popular dishes prepared in the area using these condiments are: Chaya crépes made by mixing beer, butter, flour and eggs. Achiote paste, also known as “Maya’s seasoning”, is prepared with other spices to add flavor to traditional dishes of the region, such as Cochinita pibil; achiote is also used to give the particular touch to the very famous tacos al pastor.

Go ahead and indulge your craving. There is a huge variety of delicious dishes in the Riviera Maya’s gastronomy, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the delicacy of flavors.

Photo credit: la88 y Los sabores de México

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