Female Empowerment in the kitchen

Female Empowerment in the kitchen

Mexican cuisine holds a significant history that has been written about for many years, most of which has been by women, for their strength, character, and talent, they have managed to position traditional recipes in haute cuisine dishes. Nowadays, Mexican dishes are showcased as pieces of art with cutting-edge techniques and dazzling aesthetics, acclaimed by the international market.

Several Mexican chefs have managed to break norms and have transformed food into a culinary creation of haute cuisine. On this occasion, we highlight three Mexican chefs who deserve recognition for their feminine empowerment through their incredible talent in the kitchen.

Karime López

She has bestowed her culinary expertise in renowned restaurants such as Pujol (CDMX), Noma (Denmark), and Central Lima (Peru) to name a few. She currently serves as executive chef for Gucci Osteria, a restaurant that after almost two years after its opening, has achieved a distinguished recognition for its incredible culinary creations. Thanks to her exceptional abilities, Karime López has managed to be the first Mexican chef to receive a star in Michelin Italian Guide 2020. This is an outstanding honor for gastronomy and female empowerment. We hope she continues to dazzle palates and astonish the world with her extraordinary talent.

Martha Ortiz

Owner of Dulce Patria restaurant, a venue that has recently been awarded the Best Restaurant in Mexico City and Metropolitan Area by the Food and Travel Reader Awards 2019. Martha Ortiz delights guests with her remarkable creations fused with sophisticated and delicate aesthetics, which have transformed Mexican food into a culinary piece of art.

Martha Ortiz stumbled upon her passion for gastronomy at a very young age. Dishes like “María goes to the flower shop” which is a sweet dessert made with Maria cookies are now admired and savored by many.

Patricia Quintana

One notable talent that simply can’t be disregarded when talking about women in the field of gastronomy is Patricia Quintana. An author of 26 published books and television program, in addition to owning the Izote restaurant between 2001 and 2003, she also created the Gavilla brand, which sells sauces and dressings. She was a distinguished advocate for Mexican gastronomy, which was seen in her incredible recipes and vast knowledge in the field. 

Tales of gastronomy such as these will continue to be written and empower Mexican women who with their outstanding talent, will help mark the chapters that are still to come. 

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